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Rutger ten Broeke (1944)

This year, Dutch photographer Rutger ten Broeke, will celebrate his 80th birthday. He is represented by Kahmann Gallery in Amsterdam. His work is not often found on the secondary market.

His biography:

Rutger ten Broeke was born on February 11, 1944 in Arnhem. He studied at college in Arnhem and at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. He is a key figure in the development of photography in The Netherlands. He started a commercial business, RTB Photography, while studying. In 1984, he organized the first photography Biennial in Enschede, The Netherlands. He worked for several fashion magazines and started the photography gallery, F32 in 1985.

Ten Broeke is internationally known for his classic black and white nudes. Central to his work is his fascination with the (female) body in nature and the emotional relationship between the two. Ten Broeke creates timeless and harmonious images with compositional perfection. His aesthetic concept combines beauty and purity with great technical skills.

Ten Broeke was a professor at the AKI (The Academy for Art and Industry) in Enschede and is active up until now as a free, creative art photographer. Since 2006 Rutger ten Broeke has a close relationship with the Kahmann Gallery in Amsterdam. The Kahmann Gallery handles shows and purchases and is instrumental in the creation of his books and publications. The most important: the book: "40 Years", published in a limited edition, each with a hand-printed fibre based print. Modern prints by Rutger ten Broeke are for sale at Kahmann Gallery in Amsterdam in the price range of € 2.000 - € 8.000 (link to galleryviewer here).

i-vintage currently has 3 vintage prints of Rutger ten Broeke for sale. Please have a look and consider the opportunity.

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Gerrit Rietveld

The collection of Gerrit Rietveld objects has been expanded after the recent purchase of 2 vintage posters. One poster shows the drawn interior from 1925 of the famous Rietveld Schröder House in Utrecht and was published in the 1970s by the French Editions du Désastre. The other poster is from 1984 and shows the famous Red and Blue Chair. Both posters are 60 x 80 cm in size and in rare excellent condition. A children's version of this Red and Blue Chair is also for sale in the collection, as is a Rietveld-inspired one-of-a-kind wooden sculpture. Read his complete biography here.

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Willkommen Sammler aus Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz! jetzt auch auf Deutsch

Um die Website noch übersichtlicher darzustellen, wurde kürzlich eine neue Suchmethode hinzugefügt. Unter dem Menü > deutsch finden Sie eine Einteilung nach Kategorien: Kunst, Bücher, Innenarchitektur, Fotografie, Geschirr und Spielzeug. Obwohl die Objekte mit der Schaltfläche Buy now (Jetzt kaufen) auf die englischen Produktseiten verlinkt sind, können sie auf Wunsch auch auf Deutsch angesehen werden. In der Browserleiste oben rechts befindet sich das Google Translate-Logo mit dem Text „Übersetzung verfügbar“. Bei der Schaltfläche „Jetzt kaufen“ handelt es sich um einen E-Mail-Link. Bitte geben Sie in der E-Mail den Produktcode und Ihre Adressdaten an, damit wir Ihnen ein Angebot inklusive Versandkosten zusenden können. Zahlungen können nach Erhalt dieser Bestellbestätigung erfolgen.

Viel Spaß beim Entdecken all der schönen Objekte, die zum Verkauf stehen! > deutsch
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Benvenuti collezionisti dall'Italia! ora anche in italiano

Per presentare il sito in modo ancora più chiaro, è stato recentemente aggiunto un nuovo metodo di ricerca. Sotto il menu > italiano troverai una divisione per categoria: arte, libri, interior design, fotografia, stoviglie e giocattoli. Sebbene gli oggetti siano collegati alle pagine dei prodotti in inglese con il pulsante Buy now (Acquista ora), se lo si desidera, possono essere visualizzati anche in italiano. Nella barra del browser in alto a destra c'è il logo di Google Translate con il testo "traduzione disponibile". Il pulsante Acquista ora è un collegamento e-mail. Ti preghiamo di fornire il codice prodotto e i dettagli del tuo indirizzo nell'e-mail in modo che possiamo inviarti un preventivo comprensivo delle spese di spedizione. I pagamenti potranno essere effettuati dopo aver ricevuto la presente conferma d'ordine.

Divertiti a scoprire tutti i bellissimi oggetti in vendita! > italiano
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Welkom verzamelaars uit Nederland en België! nu ook in het Nederlands

Om de website nog overzichtelijker te presenteren, is er recent een nieuwe zoekmethode bijgekomen. Onder het menu > nederlands vind je een indeling per categorie: kunst, boeken, interieurontwerp, fotografie, servies en speelgoed. De objecten zijn weliswaar gelinkt naar de engelstalige productpagina’s met de Buy now (Koop nu) button erbij, maar ook die zijn desgewenst in het Nederlands te bekijken. In de browserbalk rechtsboven staat het logo van Google Translate met de tekst ‘vertaling beschikbaar’. De Buy now button is een e-mail link. Geeft u in de e-mail de productcode en uw adresgegevens door, zodat wij u een offerte inclusief verzendkosten kunnen sturen. Betalingen kunnen worden gedaan na het ontvangen van deze orderbevestiging.

Veel plezier met het ontdekken van alle mooie objecten die te koop staan! > nederlands
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Bienvenue aux collectionneurs de France, de Belgique et de Suisse ! désormais aussi en français

Pour présenter le site encore plus clairement, une nouvelle méthode de recherche a récemment été ajoutée. Sous le menu > français vous trouverez un classement par catégorie : art, livres, intérieur, photos, vaisselle et jouets. Bien que les objets soient liés aux pages produits en anglais avec le bouton Buy now (Acheter maintenant), ils peuvent également être consultés en français si vous le souhaitez. Dans la barre du navigateur en haut à droite se trouve le logo Google Translate avec le texte « traduction disponible ». Le bouton Acheter maintenant est un lien de courrier électronique. Veuillez fournir le code produit et votre adresse dans l'e-mail afin que nous puissions vous envoyer un devis incluant les frais d'expédition. Les paiements peuvent être effectués après réception de cette confirmation de commande.

Amusez-vous à découvrir tous les beaux objets à vendre ! > français
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Welcome English speaking collectors!

view by categories

To present the website more clearly, the home page has changed and is divided into six home pages. On for each category: art, books, interior design, photographs, tableware and toys. The objects are linked to the English product pages with the Buy now button. The Buy now button is an e-mail link. Please let us know the product code and your address, so we are able to send you a quote including shippings costs. Payments can be done after receiving this order confirmation.

Have fun discovering all the beautiful objects for sale! > home
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Upload Monday

During the weekend, the harvest of visited antique shops, collector's fairs, flea markets hunting and online acquisitions is described and photographed. New second hand objects and design classics will be listed on every Monday evening at 18.00. Be the first to discover (your) new favourites.
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Fotokabinet Collection

The famous collection of Galerie Fotokabinet is currently being indexed again. Works have been sold (to private collectors and investors) and other photos have been purchased. The core collection remains rich in rare, valuable pieces of art.

In the coming months, vintage prints will be offered for sale by a.o. Auke Bergsma, Rutger ten Broeke, Erwin Blumenfeld, René Burri, Ed van der Elsken, Elliott Erwitt, Gerard Petrus Fieret, Philippe Halsman, Ton Huijbers, Irina Ionesco, Stephan Lupino, Venancio Diaz Maiques, John McLion, Paul de Nooijer (photo left), George Rodger, Richard Selby (photo left below), Dennis Stock and Günter Zint.

At the homepage, under search products, you can search by theme. Choose photographs for the current overview. Curious? View or contact!

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Buy via Etsy or eBay

Although this online store offers the same buyer's protection conditions, some clients prefer to buy and pay via trusted marketplaces like Etsy or eBay. If you prefer to buy our objects via these platforms, I will try to facilitate this as much as possible.

This webshop has the full range of our objects for sale, which cannot be guaranteed for Etsy and eBay. If you see something you'd like to buy from our store that's not on one of these platforms, please let me know.

See the store's inventory at Etsy and eBay.

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Posters Nooitgedagt

A few months ago, journalist-writer Yteke de Jong published her book about the Nooitgedagt company.

After more than 150 years, business was closed in 2003. The company, based in the province of Frisia (Friesland) in the north of The Netherlands, was known as a producer of woodworking tools, ice skates and wooden children's toys.

After reviewing some of their marketing publications, I was surprised to see the beauty and simplicity in, for example, their posters. Have a look. Aren't they great?

The book can be ordered at at € 24.90. Vintage wooden toys are available under toys.

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The True Marilyn (1952)

Now on sale is a famous and original photo of Marilyn Monroe made by Philippe Halsman. The picture was created in 1952, the print is made in 1981, in a limited edition of 250 copies. Each copy has his copyright stamp and a hand written edition number on the back. This is number 80/250. You can buy it here.

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Happy owners at the launch of the webstore. Yeah!


Hi and welcome to i-vintage, my (biography) new online store for rare and authentic gifts.

As an avid collector and former gallery owner, I take pleasure in searching and acquiring interesting art and objects. Preferably rare objects, of which (still) few exist. The difficult part for me is to let go of my 'new darlings', but hey… then don't start a webstore.

The shop's slogan is 'Past Present(s)'. Presents to give to someone on a special occasion. Like an anniversary gift from a particular year or with a specific memory or history. Or a great item for your own interior decoration or (art) collection.