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Dutch painter Leo Grijseels (1884-1966), signed under pseudonym T. de Koning.
Grijseels worked under various pseudonyms, like T. Bresslev, T. de Koning and K. Gressley.

A number of well-known painters are connected to the street scenes of The Hague, as the painting on sale is. These painters were attracted by the new paving in the center of The Hague. On it fell the light of lanterns and that from the display cases of the shop fronts. It looked beautiful, especially after rainy weather. Among them were Floris Arntzenius (1864-1925), Frans Helfferich (1871-1941), Leo Grijseels (1884-1966) and Cor Noltee (1903-1967).

Working under pseudonym was very common in the The Hague art circle these days. Not only Leo Grijseels did, but also painters like Aris Knikker, Jan Knikker, Henk Schallenberg, Cornelis de Bruin and Arnout van Gilst. A central role in this commercial circuit played Henk Welther, a painter himself and an art dealer. Artists gave him unsigned paintings, so Welther was able to sign with a name that fitted the propsosed clients. The idea was that a client from Germany could easier connect with a painter called H. Endlich or W. Markenstein, and K. Gressley or H. Welther would fit the market in England, Canada and the U.S.A.

Other reasons for offering work under a pseudonym were:
- wanting to sell a work that did not meet the standards of the painter or gallery or that deviated significantly from the painter's style
- wanting to maintain a reputation of being an original painter, while it often concerned similar repainted scenes
- not being contractually allowed to offer paintings to galleries other than those through which the painter was normally represented
- concealing the enormous production, which could have a price-depressing effect on value

Oil on canvas. Location is confirmed to be Korte Poten in the center of The Hague, The Netherlands. Please see as a reference image 5, which shows a known painting by Floris Arntzenius of Korte Poten, created between 1917-1925.

#Nederlands: olieverf op doek, Haagse School, Den Haag, stadsgezicht, 20e eeuw.

Leo Grijseels (1884-1966) under T. de Koning pseudonym

Painting, oil on canvas

The Netherlands

Design period:
1915 to 1925

Production period:
1915 to 1925

Identifying marks:
Signed, right corner below

Impressionism, Haagse School (The Hague School)

In very good, unrestored condition.

Oil on canvas, wooden frame


Canvas W 40.0 x H 50.0 cm | frame W 57.5 x H 67.5 cm
LEO GRIJSEELS (1884-1966)
Painting Korte Poten
Den Haag | The Hague
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€ 850,00